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Organization Structure

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  • Last updated:2022-06-10
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According to Ageny of corrections Ministry of Justice Skill Training Institute regulations, the institute is under command of the Ageny of corrections Ministry of Justice. There is a superintendent overseeing all of the institute affairs and a secretary who checks and ratifies official documents in addition to keeping in contact with all section affairs. There are investigation and classification section, teaching and guiding section , skill training section, sanitation section, guard and control section, and general affairs section in addition to personnel affairs room, accountant room, statisticia, and morals room taking charge of different affairs respectively. The institute has a staff of 155(148 office workers, 3 drivers, 1 mechanic, 3office errand persons). There is an institute affairs committee made up of the superintendent, secretary, and all section staff leaders persons in charge. It deals with inmates’ corrective treatment, parole, making an application for being remitted from disciplinary education and suspending implementation. There are guidance committees of investigation and classification, teaching and guiding, skill training, and sanitation in promoting implementation of institute affairs.



the organization structure

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