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Public Opinion Mail

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  • Last updated:2022-06-10
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-     Public Opinion Mail process procedure

  1. Go on the Yanwan Skill Training Institute website and select the public opinion mail. Feel free to leave a suggestion or question.
  2. A specialist from the secretary office will follow the registration procedure by logging on to the Yanwan Skill Training Institute website’s signing system and pass the registration to each department.
  3. Each department’s registration will be given to an administrator to get signed. After the registration is signed, the administrator will pass the registration to the senior official to gain approval.
  4. After the registration is reviewed by the secretary, it will be passed to the institute director to gain approval. After the registration is approved, the specialist will share the content with the public. 

# The public opinion mail accepts all mails except for confidential and sensitive topic which will go to Agency Against Corruption Ministry of Justice. The public opinion mail will be sent to the receiving mail room and to be given a registration number, and the mails will be transferred to various department. The department will response the result by telephone, email, and official document. The specialist will be monitoring the process. The public opinion mail will be responded within 3 days through email, or a written letter.

Link to public opinion mail

Mail of Agency Against Corruption Ministry of Justice:ywvn@mail.moj.gov.tw

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