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Vocational Skills Training

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  • Last updated:2022-06-10
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The purpose of skill training is to train inmates to develope a professional skill .

When coming out of prison, they can successfully make a living.

Our institute has plumbing and electrical appliance class, architecture class, carpentry class horticulture class, bakery class, motor beauty class, sewing class in addition to calligraphy, painting, and mounting class.




the inmates carpentry class picture

Carpentry Class



the inmates architecture class picture

Architecture Class



the inmates foodstuff roast class picture

Foodstuff Roast Class



the inmates mechanical repair class picture

Mechanical Repair Class



the inmates industrial wiring class picture

Industrial Wiring Class



the inmates auto repair class picture

Auto Repair Class



the inmates plumbing and electrical wiring class picture

Plumbing and Electrical Wiring Class



the inmates Chinese food class picture

Chinese Food Class



the inmates western clothes class picture

Western Clothes Class



the inmates pastry class picture

Pastry Class



the inmates electrical appliance repair class picture

Electrical Appliance Repair Class



the inmates sheet metal class picture

Sheet Metal Class

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