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Work Training

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  • Last updated:2022-06-10
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In order to fulfil the expectations of the inmates’ classification and to meet the demands of progressive implementation, stratified classification and 3-step procedure that requires the inmates who must receive reformatory education are all awed take three months to adapt themselves to circumstances and undergo behavioral training. Sentenced persons’ aptitude is examined carefully for a month. Then they are appointed to different workshops to receive operation training. Now we have seven self-employed workshops and eight contract processing ones. The assignments are sewing, food processing, farming, gardening, art, laundering, car washing, ironwork, cooking, cleaning, civil engineering and conveying.




Self-employed Farming and Pasture Processing Factory



self-employed manufacture of clothing picture

Self-employed manufacture of clothing



self-employed bakery class picture

Self-employed Bakery Class



self-employed carpentry class picture

Self-employed Carpentry Class



transformers process picture

Transformers Process



lance & pearls process picture

Lance & Pearls Process


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